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Surround recordings used to be an exclusive treat for esoterics with lots of dough. This is all history thanks to the Milab SRND 360: For the price of a decent mono microphone you get an absolute high-end surround microphone easily connected and with an absolutely pure tone which races the pulse of every true musician!

Verdict: Mic of the Year!

Soundcheck (Germany)
Made for eternity.

It stunned me somewhat that I couldn't detect any difference between the real and the virtual capsules.

Obviously, this system and the interpolation of the virtual channels work better than I would have expected, a pleasant surprise!

Super stable, absolutely compact, well-sounding, low-noise, inexpensive, well-packaged surround and stereo recording system!

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CUT Magazine (Germany)
The SRND sounds simply stunningly natural.

The flexibilty of this microphone is simply amazing. Even if I need a stereo 'only' recording today, having all six signals recorded will give me the opportunity to create a surround mix later on, so in a way using the SRND gives you future-proof surround capacity with the simplicity of only one microphone to place in the concert hall.

To me this combination of the fantastic 'life-like' quality of the SRND combined with the enormous flexibility it brings to surround AND stereo-recordings makes it truly one of my favourites.

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Andreas Scholl
A quick walk around the microphone shows that it's extremely good at localising direction with sources that appear directly on-axis to either a physical or virtual capsule translating accurately to playback. There's also an extremely smooth sounding location of audio as the source moves around the microphone and between channels with little in the way of objectional phase artefacts.

Tonally, the SRND 360 sounds extremely solid. My experience with other compact 5.1 microphone offerings has largely been confined to those that employ small diaphragm capsules [] While these are great for detail and accuracy, I sometimes find that the ocerall tonality can verge on the clinical. Milab's offering is a great antidote for this, giving on overall fairly neutral sound that verges on warm that it manages to convey close-up and at a distance.

I tried the SRND 360 on a small acapella choir and on a drum kit in the same room. [] In both scenaria the SRND 360 proved fabolous at generating rock-solid imaging when played back in 5.1, and in the case of the drum kit, again very little in terms of smearing of transient sounds.

It positively encourages you to be creative and perhaps to try recording in surround when you might not previously have considered it worth the bother.

Neat and compact; easy to use and set up; flexible enough to work in a number of stereo and surround configurations; big sound and tight imaging.

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