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Privacy policy

According to the data protection regulation GDPR this policy applies to handling personal data within Milab Microphones AB from 2018-05-25.

We want you as a customer or supplier to feel secure when you submit personal information to us. Our policy is based on current data protection legislation and clarifies how we work to protect your rights. The purpose is to inform you about how we handle your personal data, how we can access it and what rights you have.

We handle your personal data primarily to fulfil our obligations. Our starting point is to handle only the information needed for the purpose and we always strive to use the least privacy sensitive information. Your information is needed for us to deliver our goods and services and provide the service we seek in terms of information, marketing communication and follow-up.

Personal data we handle
We only handle personal data when we have a legal basis and when they are needed to fulfil obligations under agreements and legislation. Personal data that is not needed for this purpose will be shredded in accordance with established order.

Access to personal data
We gain access to the information when we register a company as a customer or supplier after a signed contract or agreement.

Handling of personal data
We work according to established routines to ensure that your data is safely handled. The starting point is that only those within the organization who need the personal data to be able to perform their tasks should have access to it. Our IT systems protect your personal data against intervention and tampering.

Disclosure of personal data
Our ambition is never to lose personal information to actors outside the organization. We always establish personal data access agreements with third parties to ensure that personal data is processed in a satisfactory manner. You can always, as long as the personal data is stored with us, request an extract of the information or request that it be changed or cancelled.

Milab Microphones AB is responsible for personal data, which means that the company is responsible for how your personal data is handled. We ensure that your personal data is handled in a correct manner and that your rights and privacy are protected.