"If you're in the business of recording acoustic instruments, there is nothing more important in the recording chain than the microphone.

This is a microphone that's been designed to a sonic ideal rather than to a budget. It has been designed by ear, not by numbers. It has been designed for the task at hand. It is not cheap, yet neither is it ostentatious.

It is the master, not the apprentice."


About Us

In a world of mass production and assembly lines, all Milab and Pearl microphones are still crafted entirely by hand in our workshop in southern Sweden.

Bernt Malmqvist 1960s

Our History

Starting with Rune Rosander in the late 1930s, the fascinating history of Pearl and Milab spans over eight decades. After being separated in the 1970s, the two companies were re-united in 2017 after almost 40 years.

Gunnel Ågervall ca 1960
Large Diaphragm
Small Diaphragm
Drum Mics

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