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Milab DC range

Company Overview

Milab Microphones AB is a world-leading manufacturer of professional microphones for studio, stage and broadcast applications. Our portfolio consists of two highly respected brands: Milab and Pearl (PML).

The fascinating story of Milab and Pearl goes back to the 1930s, making us part of the early history of microphones and one of the oldest, continuously operating manufacturers. Today, both Milab and Pearl are highly regarded brands and deliver state-of-the-art microphones to a global market.

All Milab and Pearl microphones are handcrafted in our plant in Åstorp, Sweden. Our quality control is meticulous and all microphones have to pass several stages of testing, including rigorous audio tests in our anechoic chamber. We believe in our products, which is why every microphone is delivered with its own individual frequency chart and an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

The time and care that we put into crafting each microphone would simply be impossible to mass manufacture. That’s why it has never been our goal to become the largest manufacturer on the market, but instead to provide audio professionals with the finest handmade microphones in the world.

Milab Microphones AB has been a part of the TN Development group since 1993 and our sister companies include Nöjdhs Elektronik AB and Singapore-based Nojdhs Underwater Technology Pte Ltd.

Thomas Nöjdh, President
Milab Microphones AB