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Our People

Our People

With thousands of Milab mics in studios all over the world. there is, of course, no way for us yo know of even a fraction of the artists, producers and engineers who have recorded or performed live with Milab microphones. This list contains some of the people that we do know are using, or have used, our products. This does not implu endorsement, unless ottherwise noted.

Alison Burns

“My Milab microphone comes with me to all my concerts. It almost feels invisible, whilst adding that magic ingredient to my vocal sound.”

Alison uses an LSR-3000 for live vocals.

American HI-FI

“The LSR-3000 is a reliable, fail-safe microphone that is one of my go-to tools for both studio work and live performances.” – Stacy Jones, lead vocalist

B. Larry Gittens

“You know, Stevie (Wonder) wants perfection, in his music and the equipment he uses. Take microphones, for example, where I’ve found a perfect one for him and for the whole Wonderband. It’s made in Sweden by Milab.”

Bob Dylan

LC-25 for live vocals.