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[The DC-196] responded beautifully to every situation I put it in (I canít actually think of many mics Iíve ever used that I could say that about!).[Ö] Add to that its utility in any number of stage and studio situations where cramped space and/or a low stage profile is an issue and its sheer quality really stands out. [Ö] Milab has produced something a bit special here Ė in my all-star microphone team the DC-196 definitely gets a guernsey. [Ö]

Summary: Donít let its micro size or unusual dimensions fool you, this is a surprisingly versatile and high quality microphone - instruments, vocals, studio or live, itís shown itself to be a real performer.

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Audio Technology (Australia)
I know there's a fashion at the moment for buying microphones that have an obvious character or colour, but I quickly warmed to the 'tell it like it is' honesty of the DC-196, and because it does respond so willingly to EQ it's easy to dial in a bit of a presence peak if you feel you need one. [Ö]

If you need a versatile all-rounder that excels at smoothing out difficult sources without robbing them of all their high-end detail, this is a microphone well worth considering.

Summary: The DC-196 is a great all-rounder that manages to avoid adding an obvious character to the sound but also manages to avoid sounding bland. Very versatile and refined.

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Sound On Sound (UK)
I make several sound tests in the studio and some in a live situation, and it is striking how easy it is to work with the mic thanks to its small size. I also note that the high signal level from the mic keeps the noise level down; it feels very quiet in comparison to other microphones.

The Milab DC-196 sounds like a large membrane microphone with a rich mid-range and a very balanced character where neither low frequencies nor sharp treble break through or colour the sound. The high sensitivity proves valuable as even the small nuances come through clearly [Ö]

The DC-196 passes the test with flying colours and the neutral and noise free reproduction makes an impression.

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Monitor (Sweden)
Off-axis response on the cardioid setting is extremely smooth and consistent, with minimal colouration. [...]

Used as a distant room microphone on a drum recording, the DC-196 sounds fabolous - something that I've noticed before with other Milab designs that use the rectangular capsule. Not only does everything sound balanced and natural, but there seems to be less in the way of objectionable room modes, and a detail to the HF elements that you wouldn't necessarily expect from its placement. This characteristic remains even when switched to a fig-8 pattern with the null point facing the sound source. Usually I'd expect to hear som slight phasing artefacts, but there is little if any of this. [...]

In all applications, the DC-196 takes EQ very nicely - it's easy to add a little air around a guitar or voice without it becoming 'twangy' or overly sibilant. [...]

Compact and discreet, almost jewel-like in appearance, honest, understated sound that retains detail and openness.

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Resolution (UK)
The DC-196 from Milab is a special microphone, which is particularly characterised by its good resolution, its strong, direct sound with fine heights and not least by its rectangular capsule.

The Milab DC-196 enriches every microphone collection thanks to its special characteristics.

Summary: The DC-196 from Milab is a very well sounding and versatile allrounder, with some advantages thanks to its rectangular capsule when compared to conventional large membrane microphones.

Professional Audio Magazin (Germany)
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