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2009-06-02 SRND 360 reviewed in Resolution Magazine

Milab SRND 360Prestigious pro-audio magazine Resolution (UK) reviews the Milab SRND 360 in the may/june issue. It's another strike for the innovative surround microphone. Some quotes:

"A quick walk around the microphone shows that it's extremely good at localising direction with sources that appear directly on-axis to either a physical or virtual capsule translating accurately to playback. There's also an extremely smooth sounding location of audio as the source moves around the microphone and between channels with little in the way of objectional phase artefacts."

"Tonally, the SRND 360 sounds extremely solid."

"I tried the SRND 360 on a small acapella choir and on a drum kit in the same room. […] In both scenaria the SRND 360 proved fabolous at generating rock-solid imaging when played back in 5.1, and in the case of the drum kit, again very little in terms of smearing of transient sounds."

"It positively encourages you to be creative and perhaps to try recording in surround when you might not previously have considered it worth the bother."

"Neat and compact; easy to use and set up; flexible enough to work in a number of stereo and surround configurations; big sound and tight imaging."

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2009-04-07 Thank you for visiting us in Frankfurt!

Milab @ Frankfurt 2009The 2009 Prolight + Sound has come to an end. It's been a very busy week with many interesting meetings.

We presented our new bass drum microphone - The BDM-01 - which received more attention than we had expected. The first batch was sold out even before the fair, so the second (and larger) batch is in production.

We would also like to thank our host FBM Audio - Milab distributor for Germany and Switzerland - for a job well done.

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2009-03-30 See you in Frankfurt!

Prolight + Sound 2009Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt opens on Wednesday, April 1st. Milab Microphones will exhibit together with the Milab distributor for Germany and Switzerland - FBM Audio.

Most of the Milab product range will be on display, including the SRND 360 and the brand new bass drum condenser - the BDM-01.

Take this opportunity to have a chat with marketing manager Mattias Strömberg and R&D manager Per Ove Almeflo.

Welcome to Milab and FBM Audio in hall 8.0 booth C05!

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2009-03-23 BDM-01 put to the test

Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt opens next week and we are really looking forward to presenting the BDM-01 to the public.

Developing a new microphone means a lot of work and takes a lot of time. An important part of the process is real-life testing. The BDM-01 prototypes have secretly been touring in both Europe and the US and have been put through rigorous testing in different studio situations before the release.

Peter WildoerA vital property of a bass drum microphone is to be able to cope with the enormous SPL:s it will be faced with - the BDM-01 handles an impressive 155 dB without audible distortion. But lab tests and numbers on a paper is theory - we were looking for the ultimate real-life test before we released the mic…

Few musicians are as meticulous about their equipment as heavy metal drummers and very few make more noise - so who better to push the BDM-01 to the limit than Peter Wildoer, drummer of death metal bands Darkane and Pestilence? We asked Peter to take the BDM-01 for a spin and he ended up using it for all tracks on the latest Darkane album - Demonic Art.

Peter is currently on tour in the US with Darkane, but he has promised us some audio clips of his latest recordings when he gets back.

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2009-03-09 Check out the Milab blog

The idea behind the newly launched Milab blog is to create a more informal forum for connecting with customers, distributors, partners etc. than the official Milab website, but also to provide information that doesn't quite fit the official news page.

The blog will be maintained by marketing manager Mattias Strömberg and you can find it at

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