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2015-06-15 Milab DC-196's at Rancho de la Luna

A matched pair of Milab DC-196's visiting Rancho de la Luna recording studio in Joshua Tree, California.
A matched pair of DC-196's visiting Rancho de la Luna

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2014-09-02 Press Release: One Direction on tour with Milab

Josh Devine, drummer for One DirectionHelsingborg, Sweden Ė One Direction has arguably been the most successful band in the world this decade. They are the first act to have all their first three albums debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 200 list and their latest album Midnight Memories was the best selling album of 2013 according to IFPI.

For the 2014 Where We Are Tour, FOH engineer Mark Littlewood and Monitor engineer Ant Carr decided to add four Milab DC-96Bís to the lineup.

Ant: "Iíd never used Milab before we started rehearsals. Mark had put them on the input list for overheads and I was willing to give them a try. I like to build drum mixes in in-ears starting with the overheads, itís important to me to get a balanced mix of cymbals and drums without too much ambience outside of the kit and then mix in the direct mics. The DC-96B has such a smooth response and accurate pick up pattern, it gives me exactly the sound I need."

Josh Devine (drummer for One Direction): "These overhead mics are insane, I can pick everything out. The devil is in the detail!"

DC-96Bís are also used for the guitar amps.

Ant: "While going through the input list with Mark I said I really wanted a dynamic and condenser combination on the main guitar amp. We tried several combinations but always came back to a pairing that used the DC-96B, Mark only uses this mic in the PA mix. We use them on both Dan Richardís amp and 1D member Niall Horanís amp."

The microphones were delivered by Milabís UK distributor Autograph Sales .

One Direction is currently in the USA for the third and last leg of the tour which will end with a final show in Miami on October 5th.

About Milab Microphones
Milabís heritage goes all the way back to 1939 when founder Rune Rosander started building microphones. Today, 75 years later, all Milab microphones are still built entirely by hand in Sweden. Every microphone is measured independently and shipped with an individual frequency chart. All new Milab microphones come with a lifetime warranty.

For more information please visit

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2014-06-23 BDM-01 review available in full online

The Sound on Sound review of the Milab BDM-01 kick-drum microphone is now available in full in the Sound on Sound website. Enjoy!

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2014-01-23 Milab BDM-01 reviewed by Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound is without doubt one of the finest (if not the finest) pro audio magazines on the market. The latest issue (January 2014) contains a review of the Milab BDM-01 bass drum microphone - and what a review it is!

Milab BDM-01 in Sound on Sound

Some excerpts:

"I really appreciated how physically easy it was to work with."

"[Ö] this is a really beautiful-sounding microphone. It has a very natural quality to it, a sort of effortless balance that delivers very much what you expect having heard the drum in the room. [Ö] for kick drum it's a fantastic microphone."

"Comparing it to the D112 made the AKG sound ugly and pushed in the low end. [Ö] In comparison to the Milab's effortless, natural low end, the D112 sounded almost as if it was hitting the mic amp too hard."

"There's something beautiful in the character of this capsule and I think a combination of VM-44's and a BDM-01 would deliver one of those wonderful recordings that's 'invisible' but not sterile."

"This is a microphone that's been designed to a sonic ideal rather than to a budget. It has been designed by ear, not by numbers. It has been designed for the task at hand. It is not cheap, yet neither is it ostentatious. It is the master, not the apprentice."

"Summary: A beautiful-sounding, hand-made microphone of a quality that matches its price."

Grab the latest Sound on Sound magazine to read the full review (on pages 82-84). It can also be purchased as a PDF on their website.

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2014-01-23 Omar Hakim and Milab

We are proud to announce that Omar Hakim, arguably one of the greatest drummers on the planet, is now a member of the Milab family. Omar uses the Milab BDM-01 kick drum microphone and the Milab VM-44 in his studio.

Omar has an almost unbelievable track record and has played with more artists than we can mention here: Miles Davis, Weather Report, Sting, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and many many more. He is currently working with Daft Punk.

Omar Hakim

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