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2004-06-01 Milab appoints new distributor in North America

Music Marketing CanadaMilab Microphones has appointed a new distributor for the North American market. Music Marketing will distribute all products from Milab Microphones.

Located in Toronto, Canada, Music Marketing provides the hottest music products for Musicians.

-Our Goal is simple; Find the best technology products and introduce, promote and support them in the vibrant North American Music Marketplace, says Lyle Crilly, sales director of Music Marketing Canada.

Other brands in Music Marketing's range are for example: Propellerhead, Native, MusicXPC, VirSyn, Prosoniq, IK Multimedia, Access, EST and others.

Milab welcomes Music Marketing as a distributor to Our World of Microphones!

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2004-03-01 The new LSR-3000 is now available

Milab LSR-3000The Well-known LSR family has got a new member! The new model Milab LSR-3000, recently introduced, is now in production and available.

LSR-3000 sounds very familiar to most of us. And it is! At least the exterior. But the inside of the microphone is totally different. Based on the well known Milab VM-44-capsule, the LSR-3000 is probably the best and most sophisticated handheld stage microphone on the market! It is characterized by outstanding sound performance and brilliance.

With it's new designed built-in POP protection, made of 5 layers of wire netting and it's massive brass body, it is shielded from undesired pop sounds and insensitive to hand noise. The Milab designed true condenser capsule, makes the microphone capable to handle more than 150dB SPL. Equipped with a 80 Hz switchable high pass filter and -12 dB switchable pad, makes the microphone more applicable.

With the Milab LSR-3000, You will get a superior vocal microphone, that brings studio sound on stage!

Please contact your distributor or Milab Microphones for more information

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2004-02-01 New distributor in Sweden

Intersonic logoMilab Microphones has appointed a new distributor for the swedish market. The Swedish company Intersonic, located in Stockholm, will distribute all products from Milab Microphones.

Intersonic's product range today contains brands like Midas, Nexo, ASL, Klark-Teknik, Eclér. Camco, Trantec etc.

-With Milab Microphones in our portfolio, we have enlarged and completed our range of high quality products, to fulfill the demands of our customers, says Per olof Ljungmark, managing director of Intersonic AB, Sweden.

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2003-11-01 Milab used in unique recording

Pipe organ, Hammond B3 organ and saxophone is not the most common setting for a band. However, this swedish/danish trio is making a fantastic success wherever they play. After hundreds and hundreds of conserts all over the world, they recently recorded an album with negro spirituals and jazz music.

The album was recorded in a church in the south of Sweden by Helikopter Records. For this unique recording they used Milab VM-44 and Milab Embla microphones. The 'Vision of Freedom'-album was recorded in Surround 5.1 technique.

Håkan Lewin, Johannes Landgren and Kjeld Lauritsen
Håkan Lewin, Johannes Landgren, Kjeld Lauritsen

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2003-10-01 The 2003 Golden Microphone Award

LLB show 2003The 2003 Golden Microphones Award was held at the LLB show in Stockholm on Friday the 17th of October. Every other year, since 1986, Milab Microphones has awarded sound engineers for meritorious achievements in Swedish productions.

The award was founded to bring out the skill and professionalism of all excellent (and sometimes forgotten) sound engineers that makes the sound of an artist or a recording.

The four nominated classes are: Studio, Radio & TV, PA and Veteran

The prices are one golden VIP-50 and three golden LSR-2000. All microphones are gold-plated and fully functional.

The jury consists of the winners from the previous year and representatives from Milab Microphones.

The appointed winners of The 2003 Golden Microphone Award were:

Mr Jan-Eric Persson for the Studio class (golden VIP-50)
Mr Stefan Forsell for the PA class (golden LSR-2000)
Mr Anders Muhr for the Radio & TV class (golden LSR-2000)
Mr Hans Evers for the Veteran class (golden LSR-2000)

Winners 2003
Anders Muhr, Stefan Forsell, Jan-Eric Persson
and Ulf Bodemark (stand in for Hans Evers)

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