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2005-02-01 Milab Microphones goes Down Under


Milab Microphones has appointed Microphone Solutions Australia for the distribution of Milab Microphones on the Australian market.

Milab has not had a distributor in Australia for some years and we are looking forward to meet the demands of Australian music professionals again.

The owner of the company, Darren Halifax has been in the business for 20 years. The last 10 years he has run Satellite Recording Studio in Perth, WA. Microphone Solutions Australia delivers the highest level, quality sound experience available.

Darren HalifaxDarren Halifax: -Our company specialises in the provision of what we consider to be one of the best microphones available. Our intention wasn’t to sell the Milab range. We approached Milab for one reason only and that was to take Satellite to a higher level with respect to sound quality. The results have been nothing short of outstanding and have made the decision for us to sell their products an easy one. The fact that Milab offered a ‘lifetime warranty’ was merely an added bonus.

-We recently recorded James Morrison with our VIP-50 and he was so impressed that he used it in a recording with Lalo Schifrin and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in a production titled 'Jazz Meets The Symphony' - to be released later this year under Mr Schifrin’s record label ALEPH Records.

-We are proud to be able to offer to the Australian market what we consider to be a genuine classic product from a genuine classic company.

We welcome Darren and Microphone Solutions Australia as a distributor for Milab Microphones!

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2005-01-01 New manuals

DC-96B manualFrom February will you find your new Milab microphones accompanied with new designed manuals. The new manuals will withhold, besides operating instructions, service and cleaning instructions, information and instructions about the Lifetime Warranty, connection etc.

2004-12-01 Special order to Fuji TV in Japan

Fuji TV micsA special order of Milab microphones was recently shipped to Japan.

One of the biggest TV companies in Japan, Fuji TV, ordered a number of special made Milab DC-96B-microphones. All microphones were designed with the special Fuji TV-logo carved in the microphone body. The microphones will be used in different studios and therefore also the identity number of the studio was carved into the microphones.

This order was negotiated and delivered by the exclusive Milab distributor in Japan, Hook Up.

Situated in Tokyo, Hook Up is distributing the complete Milab range since many years. Besides that, Hook Up offers a variety of professional gear and software for the pro-audio market.

Fuji TV logo

We at Milab, are proud to be a selected supplier of Fuji TV in Japan.

For more information about customized microphones, please contact us.

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2004-11-01 The Elvis Presley Las Vegas Show

Fuji TV micsNow touring: A 30 musician big band, with a choir and The King, Elvis Presley.

Honoured by the press and cheered by the audience! This Elvis Presley Las Vegas Show is a perfect replica of the 1977 show. They have chosen Milab microphones to reach the best sound on stage. The arrangement looks exactly like it did, almost 30 years ago. But it sounds better!

Tonny Christensen (Elvis Presley): -We use microphones from Milab simply because they sound great! My favourite is the dynamic Milab D-37 for my vocals.

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2004-10-01 Darkane goes Milab

DarkaneThe Thrash Metal Band Darkane is just recording their new album. This will be the fourth album from the band. After days and nights of testing, they've decided to use Milab Microphones during the recordings.

Darkane's sound is a very aggressive and straight forward sound that is both technical and brutal. This is mainly due to the combination of Peter's unique drumming style and a steady onslaught of blistering guitar work.

Peter WildoerPeter Wildoer (drums) says: -I'm using the swedish microphones Milab when I'm recording my drums. They are the cutting edge of studio mics and I'm very happy to record with them. The drums sound great through these high quality microphones! Especially the VM-44 mics works perfect for almost all drums and cymbals, the perfect choice for drum recording.

To get the optimal sound during his drum recordings, the perfectionist Peter used 26 microphones only on drums. Milab VM-44:s, DC-96B:s and VIP-50 were most frequently used.

Milab is looking forward to the album release!

Soundclip from drum recording session (no eq or soundprocessing added):

Low resolution (690 Kb)
High resolution (4.8 Mb)

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