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2006-05-01 New clamp for saxophones

Saxophone clampMilab introduced a new clamp for saxophones and brass instruments at the Prolight + Sound fair in Frankfurt.

The clamp fits most types of saxophones, trumpets, horns etc on the market. The flexible gooseneck that holds the microphone provides a good shock absorbing mounting.

The clamp is primarily designed for the VM-44 Link microphone. It is easy to fit on the instrument and gives a superb sound for any application.

The clamp holds the microphone tight to the instrument, even in the hands of fast and lively musicians.

Article number: 1148 Available now.

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2006-04-10 Coming event

PON Music FairTake this opportunity to visit the great PON Studios at the PON Music Fair.

The Fair takes place on Saturday the 22:nd of April on Södra Torggatan 15 in Hasslarp, Sweden.

For more information and details on how to get there visit:

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2006-04-05 Thank you for visiting us at ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt

Thank you all visitors!

After four intensive days at the Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, the show closed down on Saturday the 1:st of April. 101 200 visitors came to the exhibition and we are proud to say that we think almost everyone visited our stand!

SRND 360 prototypeAll of our visitors were attracted by the brand new DC-196. 'The smallest large membrane microphone in the world', with variable pattern and pre-attenuation.

The prototype three-capsule surround microphone, SRND 360, was another eye-catcher!

The possibility to listen to this new invention in surround sound was very much appreciated.

You will soon find more information about this new model here on our website.

Again, thanks for your visit and we hope to see you soon!

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2006-03-01 Welcome to ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt

Prolight + Sound 06Dear Music lovers!

The doors to Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt will open again the 29:th of March 2006. We hereby want to invite you to visit Milab at this exciting event. During the four days of the fair, you will have the chance to see our company's new models, but also our classic and yet innovative range of products.

We will exhibit together with our German distributor Excellent Audio Support, EAS GmbH and we are located in Hall 8.0, Booth A42.

We will take this opportunity to demonstrate the new large membrane microphone DC-196 and a prototype of the even newer surround microphone. For the first time in the world, a surround microphone with three rectangular capsules.

We look forward to seeing you at our exhibition stand.

For a personal meeting in our booth, please send us a proposal of day and time and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Welcome to Milab.
Booth A42, Hall 8.0

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2006-02-01 New design, new technique, new sound!

DC-196We are proud to present the new DC-196.

A new multi-purpose microphone with outstanding performance. A microphone destined for live situations as well as recording and broadcasting.

The DC-196 has the unique rectangular large dual membrane capsule, which gives the dynamics and warmness only known from the earlier rectangular capsules. The capsule is mounted in a shock absorbing rubber fitting.

The DC-196 has a choice of three patterns, easily adjusted with a knob; Omni, Cardioid and Figure-of-eight. It is also equipped with a -12dB pre-attenuation, which makes the microphone able to take Sound Pressure Levels, SPL, of more than 144dB.

Based on the classic DC-96B, the DC-196 has a redesigned capsule, with reduced noise.

With even better electronics, the complete interior is now redesigned and improved.

To prevent POP-sound, the capsule has been surrounded with an extra, very fine metal mesh. This makes the DC-196 outstanding for vocals in recording and broadcasting situations.

To mark out the new model and new design, the microphone body has a surface white as snow, with a silver arch on top.

The DC-196 will be presented at the Prolight & Sound fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Available from the end of march.

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