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2007-08-01 Milab appoints distributor in the Netherlands

Triple Audio logoMilab Microphones is pleased to announce the appointment of Triple Audio B.V. as it´s new distributor in the Netherlands.

Triple Audio is primarily known for it’s high-tech projects in the broadcast and recording industry. Examples are: Station wide radio & television digital audio platforms, high-tech remote-controllable reporter vehicles and of course a sophisticated after-sales and service network. For more then 12 years Triple Audio offers their customers 24-hour service contracts, which guarantee continuity and is just what the modern multimedia industry needs.

Import and distribution is also core business and Triple Audio is proud to represent Milab microphones for the Dutch market.

Contact details for all Milab products:

Triple Audio B.V.
Weltevreden 4A
3731AL De Bilt
The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0) 30 221.77.88
Fax: +31(0) 30 221.13.00

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2007-07-01 DC-196 - Now available in black

DC-196 in black and whiteSince Milab released the DC-196 last year, this model has been a success!

Various TV-companies around the world has requested a black version of the DC-196.

Now it is available!

In a black matt chrome finish, still with the silver arc on top, the DC-196 can be ordered from your distributor.

Price is the same as the white ones.

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2007-04-01 Thank you for visiting us at ProLight + Sound!

Dear customers!

The huge Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse in Frankfurt set a new visitor record this year. More than 108 000 visitors during the 4 days of the show. Thank you all for the great interest!

Milab showed 2 new products:
The unique surround microphone SRND 360, built around 3 rectangular cardioid capsules.

The interest for surround miking is big now and this product is really in due time!

We also showed the DC-196, 'The smallest large membrane variable pattern microphone in the world'. Soon also available in black finish. This microphone has been reviewed in a number of magazines already. And the test results are all the same: A fantastic microphone!

Again, thank you all for the response, and please check our website for updated reports and news.

Next fair where you can see us: LLB Fair Stockholm-Sweden may 9-12. Welcome!

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2007-03-01 Visit Milab at ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt!

Prolight + Sound 07Dear Music lovers!

With more than 100 000 visitors last year, Prolight + Sound and Musikmesse in Frankfurt will open again the 28:th of March 2007. We hereby want to invite you to visit Milab at this exciting event. During the four days of the fair, you will have the opportunity to see our company’s newest models, but also our classic and yet innovative range of products. We will exhibit together with our German distributor Excellent Audio Support, eas GmbH and we are located in Hall 8.0, Booth A42.

We will demonstrate The smallest 'Large membrane variable pattern microphone in the world!', the DC-196. Soon available both in black and white. And we will also show the even newer surround microphone, Milab SRND 360. For the first time in the world, a surround microphone with 3 rectangular shaped capsules.

We look forward to seeing you at our exhibition stand. For a personal meeting in our booth, please send us a proposal of day and time and we will respond to you as soon as possible (see contact page).

Welcome to Milab.
Booth A42, Hall 8.0

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2006-09-01 The Autograph Sessions

The Autograph SessionsOur distributor in the UK, Autograph Sales, are holding The Autograph Sessions at the Troubadour Club in Earls Court, London.

Three days and nights of discussion and demonstration of the best pro audio equipment around.

The Autograph Sessions offer a fascinating insight into the companies and products that make a difference in pro audio. Presented by leading industry specialists, the sessions are also a great way to meet other professionals from a wide range of industries.

Milab will be represented by Greger Admarker, who will hold the session 'Hear the Difference - Real world microphone tests' on Monday 11th September at 17.00.

Entry to these events is free, but space is limited, places are available on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

Read more about this event and reserve your seat at:

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