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2017-02-15 Visit us in Guangzhou

Milab Microphones together with Chinese distributor Huahui Audio Technology will be exhibiting at the GET Show in Guangzhou, China, 27 Feb - 2 Mar. Stay tuned for more information.

GET Show 2017

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2016-11-08 FBM Audio at the Tonmeistertagung in Cologne

Visit Milab Microphones and German distributor FBM Audio at the Tonmeistertagung fair in Cologne (Köln), 17-20 November.

You will find FBM Audio in booth B-41. Welcome!
Tonmeistertagung 2016

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2016-10-31 Announcing the Online Guitar Summit 2016

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the world’s first Online Guitar Summit in November. As part of this we are able to extend to you a FREE front row ticket.

Guitarists that you’ll hear from on the Summit include Martin Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Howard Alden, Frank Vignola, Vinny Raniolo, Stochelo Rosenberg, Robin Nolan, John Knowles, Heike Mattthiesen, Scott Perry, Richard Smith, John Jorgenson, Jan Akkerman, Pierre Bensusan, Jeff McErlain, Cory Congilio, Calum Graham, Howard Alden, Dario Napoli, Stig Mathiesn, Johnny Hiland, Peppino D’Agostino, Clive Carroll, Brian Gore, Carl Verheyen, Trevor Gordon Hall, Mike Dawes, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Muriel Anderson, Chantel McGregor, Peter White, Andreas Oberg, Jim Nichols, Phil Hilborne, David Hamburger, Bill Piburn, Pat Bergeson, Hank Marvin. It’s a big list and growing!

So whether you’re looking to break out of a plateau in your playing and improve your technique or just get some inspiration and have more fun on the guitar then this event is for you.

CLICK HERE to join the Online Guitar Summit!

When you listen in, you'll discover:

* How to break out of blocks in your guitar playing

* How to develop your improvisational skills

* How to give a great live performance as a guitarist

* Which albums and guitarists inspired these players

* What guitars and gear they use

There has never been an event like this. Tuning into this Online Guitar Summit could help you take your playing to a whole new level and it going to be a lot of fun.

CLICK HERE to reserve your seat today as these spots will fill up FAST!

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2016-03-21 Milab to celebrate 75 years with new models

DC-196 Platinum EditionPRESS RELEASE:

Helsingborg, Sweden – 2016-03-21

The predecessor to Milab Microphones, PML, was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1941 which means that in 2016 Milab is celebrating 75 years of building some of the finest microphones in the world. To mark the occasion Milab is introducing a limited anniversary edition of the DC-196, the company's best-selling multi-pattern microphone, in an exclusive Nextel® "Neptune blue" finish.

The DC-196 Platinum Edition will be limited to only 75 units - all with sequential serial numbers and delivered in custom casing with signed documentation of authenticity. Factory matched pairs will be available upon request. Every unit will be hand-crafted by production manager Hans Svensson in Milab's workshop in Helsingborg, Sweden. The price for the DC-196 Platinum Edition has not been set at this point.

LSR-3000 NickelThe other new addition to the Milab product range is the top-of-the-line hand held condenser, the LSR-3000, in a nickel finish. The LSR-3000 has previously only been available in black. The suggested retail price for the LSR-3000 Nickel is 6 996 SEK excl VAT (ca 750 Euro, 820 USD – prices may vary locally).

The new models will be presented at the Prolight+sound show in Frankfurt, April 5-8. Visit Milab Microphones and German distributor FBM Audio in Hall 3.1, Stand G71.

All new Milab microphones are entirely built by hand in Sweden and come with a lifetime warranty.

Hi-res images:

Milab DC-196 Platinum Edition Hi-res
Milab DC-196 Platinum Edition Hi-res (cutout)
Milab LSR-3000 Nickel Hi-res
Milab LSR-3000 Nickel Hi-res (cutout)

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2015-10-27 Milab at the AES convention in NYC

A selection of Milab mics will be on display at the 139th AES convention in NYC. Visit our new soon-to-be-presented distributor for North America - Wave Distribution in booth #948.
The 139th AES Convention in NYC

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