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2009-01-15 Interview with FOH Oscar Söderlund

Oscar Söderlund in MMThe latest issue of Musikermagasinet [MM], Sweden's leading magazine for performing musicians, features a four page interview with Oscar Söderlund, arguably the best live sound engineer in the country.

Oscar is a long time fan of Milab mics and uses them almost exclusively on most of his projects. He has been touring with many of Scandinavia's greatest artists - including The Hellacopters, Melody Club, The Sounds, Bo Kaspers, Ane Brun, Backyard Babies, Louise Hoffsten, Jill Johnson, Lars Winnerbäck and others.

A recent review of an Ane Brun concert (where Milab mics were used exclusively) in newspaper Göteborgsposten stated: "The icing on the cake is the amazing sound. […] Sound engineer Oscar Söderlund creates what might be the best live sound I have ever heard."

Some quotes from the interview in MM: "My favourite microphone is the [Milab] VM-44. It works for almost everything … it's awesome on toms. I don't understand why people don't use them more - they have a very natural and transparent sound. Tonight I use almost only Milab mics."

"My advice to anyone working with live sound is to get a Milab mic."

"I use the VM-44 on all drums, it sounds great on toms, snare and overhead. It's also good for kick drum, bass and electric guitar because it handles high SPL:s."

"On vocals I have completely gone over to the Milab LSR series. The leakage is extremely small, but they still sound very natural throughout the whole frequency range."

"I used the LSR-1000 for Maja [lead vocalist] in The Sounds. She threw the mic to the floor and rocked with it during 130 gigs on their first US tour. It still performed 100% every night - except for the dents on the front net there was nothing wrong with it. The LSR-1000 and LSR-2000 work very well on both male and female voices."

Oscar is preparing for his next tour with Melody Club - and you just might be able to guess what mics he will be using.

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2008-12-15 "Made for eternity"

Milab SRND 360German broadcast magazine CUT recently tested the SRND 360 and the result is yet another great review, titled "Surround auf Schwedisch".

Some quotes:

"Made for eternity."

"It stunned me somewhat that I couldn't detect any difference between the real and the virtual capsules."

"Obviously, this system and the interpolation of the virtual channels work better than I would have expected. A pleasant surprise!"

"Super stable, absolutely compact, well-sounding, low-noise, inexpensive, well-packaged surround and stereo recording system!"

The full review (in german) is available on the SRND 360 review page.

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2008-11-10 Windshield for SRND 360

German manufacturer Nicolai Equipment has constructed a custom windshield for the SRND 360.

It is made from artificial fiber and is available in different colours and with a fibre length of either 2 or 8 cm.

The windshield can be purchased directly from Nicolai Equipment's webshop.

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2008-11-03 Milab back in the U.S.

For some time Milab microphones have been difficult to obtain in the U.S. But now we have appointed three authorized dealers who will be able to provide american customers with Milab's full range of microphones and accessories.

The dealers are:

Full Compass

Instrument Pro

MIDI Classics

More information

2008-10-09 Hellacopters on tour with Milab

"The tour before the fall" is the farewell-tour of swedish rock band The Hellacopters. A while back the band decided to quit while they were ahead and end it all with a final tour of Europe.

A great band needs great gear so on the tour they use Milab microphones almost exlusively.

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