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2009-10-28 First review of the BDM-01

Milab BDM-01Australia's leading pro audio magazine - Audio Technology - is first to review the Milab BDM-01 bass drum condenser.

Here are some excerpts:

"...the first thing that struck me about the Milab was the detail it provided the recorded sound. Not only did it have more bottom end than I’d expected from a ‘dead’ drum, the top end wasn’t just clicky and defined, there was something elegantly complete about the tone - perhaps this was the sound of the condenser immediately shining through."

"...the sound seemed surprisingly finished, as if EQ and compression had already been applied. Furthermore, even after subsequent overdubbing on the tracks, the kick drum remained completely untouched and still had a special tone that was easy to place in the mix. A surprisingly good start."

"...the Milab provided tons of detail in the sound."

"...the BDM-01 captured a remarkably defined, true and deep tone, with plenty of highly desirable character in the high mids."

"In a nutshell, as far as bass drums were concerned, the BDM-01 managed to deliver in spades with every scenario I threw at it."

"...there wasn’t much I could throw at this mic that it didn’t deliver on. Plus, it feels solid and robust - almost bulletproof, which, for a condenser, is a great thing. That would make it a pretty good investment for any studio I’d expect. And as a live bass drum mic, the ease of use and quality of sound would be a lifesaver in most situations."

"Summary: Dedicated bass drum mics are relatively commonplace nowadays, but there’s nothing common about the BDM-01. Refined and detailed sounding, this newest addition to the Milab range is an impressive addition to the Swedish stable."

Read the full review on the BDM-01 review page.

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2009-10-14 Press Release: New distributor for North America


Milab and FDW-Worldwide sign exclusive distribution agreement for North America

October 14, 2009

Buzz Goodwin of FDW-Worldwide and Mattias Strömberg of Milab at the 127:th AES convention in NYC.Helsingborg, Sweden / Madison, WI – Milab Microphones is pleased to announce that FDW-Worldwide is now the exclusive distributor for Milab Microphones in North America, a collaboration that will mean a big improvement in availability and customer service for Milab products.

"We have put a lot of work into finding just the right partner to handle the North American markets." says Mattias Strömberg, Marketing Manager for Milab Microphones. "That means someone who feels as strongly about our brand as we do and who has both the brains and the muscles to represent and market Milab appropriately."

"We are delighted that we have FDW-Worldwide as our chosen partner to bring Milab closer to our customer in this part of the world. I am confident that we both are looking at a very bright future with this partnership" says Thomas Nöjdh President of Milab Microphones.

FDW-Worldwide President Buzz Goodwin says, "We are extremely pleased to add Milab Microphones to our portfolio of professional recording products. Milab is a prestigious line and we are proud to be chosen as the North American distributor. We couldn't be more excited to be a part of the future success of Milab in our markets."

The collaboration was launched formally at the 127th AES convention in New York City, and FDW-Worldwide will also show the Milab product line at the 2010 NAMM Show, January 14-17.

Milab’s heritage goes all the way back to 1939 when founder Rune Rosander started building microphones. Today, 70 years later, all Milab microphones are still built entirely by hand in Sweden. Every microphone is measured independently and shipped with an individual frequency chart. All new Milab microphones come with a lifetime warranty.

Based in Madison WI, FDW-Worldwide prides itself on being one of the leading suppliers of professional audio and pro touring products in the US, providing high quality products with a strong emphasis on customer service. After joining FDW-Worldwide as President in January 2009, Buzz Goodwin has led the expansion of the company with a marked increase in the number of products offered to an expanding customer base.

FDW-Worldwide is the exclusive distributor for Violet Design and Nevaton microphones in the Americas, Milab and Sontronics microphones in North America, Audient consoles and LA Audio live sound products in North America, and is the international distributor of Cable Up professional cables. Dealer inquiries and potential distribution opportunities are encouraged.

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2009-09-23 Welcome to New York and AES!

Milab Microphones will be represented at the 127:th AES convention in New York City by the new Milab distributor for North America - FDW-Worldwide.

Visit us in booth 673 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center - October 9-12, and take this opportunity to have a chat with Mattias Strömberg, marketing manager for Milab Microphones, who will be present throughout the convention.

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2009-06-30 The retirement of a true Milab classic

Today is the last day at work for Gunnel Ågervall, a Milab/PML employee for 49 years - her retirement starts tomorrow, July 1st. Gunnel was the first person to be hired when PML moved from Stockholm to Scania in 1960. No one has been here longer than she and no one knows more about old microphone models than she does. We will miss her presence here at the office, but of course we all wish her a great retirement.

Gunnel in the PML factory - 1961:
Gunner Ågervall 1961

2009-06-24 Ane Brun live in Stockholm

Ane Brun has released a teaser song from her upcoming live DVD - Ane Brun - Stockholm Concert Hall. And as usual there are more Milab mics on stage than you can count.

The amazing all-star choir behind her includes Lisa Ekdahl, Anna Ternheim, Elin Sigvardsson and many others - all singing into Milab LSR condenser vocal mics. Ane uses a Milab LSR-3000.

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