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2008-08-25 Jamie Meyer and Milab

Swedish singer/songwriter Jamie Meyer is making it big in the U.S. And he is doing it with the help of his Milab microphone. Jamie has been using a Milab LSR-1000 for live vocals for several years and has just upgraded to our top model - the LSR-3000.

Jamie MeyerJamie: Big stages or small clubs - My Milab Microphone is something I couldn't live without when I'm on tour. One of many skills with the Milab microphone is that it has a wider range of picking up your voice but still makes the sound crystal clear. As a singer/songwriter, telling people stories, that's what I'm looking for in a microphone. Milab is the most comfortable microphone to use live and sound engineers I've worked with across the U.S, Sweden & Norway couldn't disagree.

Jamie Meyer is nominated for the 2008 L.A. Music Awards and has written a song for the movie "Henry Poole is here", starring Luke Wilson.

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2008-08-18 Historic microphones

Milab ST-8Are you looking for information regarding older microphone models? As promised we have now published a list of historic microphones. The list contains a selection of discontinued models that have been produced by Milab during the last 30 years.

The historic models page is a work in progress and will be updated with time. If you have any contributions or if you still can't find the model you are looking for, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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2008-08-12 New marketing manager

Milab Microphones has employed Mr Mattias Strömberg as responsible for sales and marketing.

Mattias has been a semi-professional musician for many years and has been touring extensively in Sweden and several other European countries as a pianist and sound engineer. He has also been working with multimedia and modern communications for Milab’s sister company WireFrame for the last eight years. His multimedia and marketing skills in addition with his musical background and genuine interest in music technology form a somewhat unique combination that we think makes a perfect match for Milab.

Mattias StrömbergMattias: I first got acquainted with Milab in the early 90’s when it seemed like everyone was using the VIP-50. It was fascinating that the greatest producers in the world, like Quincy Jones and Richard Perry, were using this weird looking Swedish mic. I got my hands on a DC-96B about ten years later and it has been my first choice microphone for almost everything ever since. I join the Milab team with great pride and enthusiasm.

The first major project for Mattias has been to update our website. The new website was launched July 4th, and we intend to keep updating it with new and exciting features like historic microphone models, tips & tricks etc.

We are looking at the future with great confidence and enthusiasm. We are a small player, but our product line is as hot as ever and we are proud of our technical expertise and our world class research department that make it possible for us to keep challenging our much bigger competitors.

Thomas Nöjdh
Milab Microphones AB

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2008-07-10 User manuals online

As promised a while back, we have now published online user manuals for the following microphone models:

VM-44 Classic
VM-44 Gooseneck
VM-44 Link

More models will follow.

2008-07-04 Welcome to our new website!

Today we launch a brand new website here at Our goal has been to bring the design and structure up to date and to create a format where we can easily add more material with time.

Keep your eyes on the site in the near future when we plan to add pages with historic microphone models, tips & tricks, more images and downloadable material etc.

If you have any questions or opinions regarding the new design you are more than welcome to contact our webmaster at .

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