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2006-02-01 New design, new technique, new sound!

DC-196We are proud to present the new DC-196.

A new multi-purpose microphone with outstanding performance. A microphone destined for live situations as well as recording and broadcasting.

The DC-196 has the unique rectangular large dual membrane capsule, which gives the dynamics and warmness only known from the earlier rectangular capsules. The capsule is mounted in a shock absorbing rubber fitting.

The DC-196 has a choice of three patterns, easily adjusted with a knob; Omni, Cardioid and Figure-of-eight. It is also equipped with a -12dB pre-attenuation, which makes the microphone able to take Sound Pressure Levels, SPL, of more than 144dB.

Based on the classic DC-96B, the DC-196 has a redesigned capsule, with reduced noise.

With even better electronics, the complete interior is now redesigned and improved.

To prevent POP-sound, the capsule has been surrounded with an extra, very fine metal mesh. This makes the DC-196 outstanding for vocals in recording and broadcasting situations.

To mark out the new model and new design, the microphone body has a surface white as snow, with a silver arch on top.

The DC-196 will be presented at the Prolight & Sound fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Available from the end of march.

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